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An Innovative new torque converter lock-up kit

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  • When enabled by the driver, lockup-mate AUTOMATICALLY:
    • activates the TCC lock-up when the conditions are right; but more importantly, then disables it under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission​
    • then, re-locks it again when suitable
    • In SPORT mode it enables lockup from 30kph+ (when the right gear is chosen) and 80kph+ when in DRIVE mode.
    • automatically adjusts for low or high range 4WD
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    • Originally posted by Doowrag View Post

      So just to clarify because i'm an idiot, does the Lockup Mate work at all in Drive? And also what is the minimum speed for it to lock up?

      Yes, lockup-mate works in Drive but only when you’re in above about 80kph. which is the slowest you can maintain lockup in 5th gear. This is because the trans ECU always picks a gear too low for lockup.
      auto-mate is different because it controls the gear choice when in Drive and makes sure the right gear is chosen to maintain lockup.
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      Checkout our products at MM4x4 auto-mate or lockup-mate now available for Pajero NS+, Triton MN,MQ, Challenger PB,PC, Prado 150


      • Sweet thanks
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