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TrackRanger vs OziExplorer

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  • TrackRanger vs OziExplorer

    Just bought the HEMA 4WD raster map collection, and plan to use it with a laptop and GPS software. The maps come with OziExplorer Lite viewing software, which appears to be an improvement over the software when I last looked at it about 3 years ago.

    Has anyone here used both TrackRanger and OziExplorer and able to offer comparisons? TrackRanger looks quite professional, but without a trial download available on their website, hard to compare. It's also more expensive at $199 compared to $130 for OziExplorer. OziExplorer seems to have a far larger userbase, but so does Windows compared to Apple...

    Basically looking for software that will allow me to both display a log of a trip from a GPS logger, and be used as moving map software with a GPS receiver. There's some combo GPS mouse units out there that can do both functions now, so you can log a track while the laptop is turned off, and download it at the end of the day, as well as be used as a real-time GPS for mapping software. Either software product fits the bill, but I don't want to dismiss TrackRanger out of hand simply because it's not the most popular.

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    I haven't used track ranger but am one of the large OziExplorer user base and find it easy to use, easy to import and calibrate scans of maps, make routes, configure for different basic GPS's. Basically find it a nice pre and post trip tool for planning. I don't run a laptop on trips, don't need super high tech stuff, maps, a basic GPS (Garmin GPS12) with lots of loaded waypoints for track intersections, and luck get me through. Can't fit muc else in the car with 4 people anyrate.
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