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Anyone located in Goondiwindi??

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  • Anyone located in Goondiwindi??

    Hey all. So a friend of mine from Melbourne has been cruising around with caravan, been in goondiwindi caravan park for a few nights and was planning to leave today to start heading back towards home.

    Long story short, but after a scary confrontation in their van at around 4am, intruders took the keys and subsequently the car, they are now stuck with a caravan but no car.

    Police have been involved of course etc etc, but they're still in a strange town without a way of getting around or home etc etc. Insurance will take a little while to sort out it seems.

    Just wondering if anyone happens to live in the area and might be happy to offer a hand if my mate needs a hand grabbing shopping, borrow tools to make caravan secure (not sure if any damage, but can understand being nervous about security now) etc etc?

    Not sure if they will even need any help, but just thought I would see if anyone happens to be available in the area.

    Cheers in advance


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    Sorry to hear this, that just sux.
    Hopefully someone will be nice enough to lend a hand


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      Thanks. He messaged last night that they have actually found his car, but no details if its still driveable etc just yet. He will know more today. That seemed to be the biggest issue, how to get caravan home. Fingers crossed car is fine


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        @*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#s everywhere. Hope the mongrels come to grief in a big way. This sort of crap is just way too prevalent...wont stop until it happens to the pollies, judges and do -gooders.
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          Yeah. He was fairly shaken up. I didn't get all the details, but 2 guys in balaclavas in your caravan at 0345 making threats to you and your wife would have that sort of effect I imagine


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            Ute recovered and running fine, so they've managed to get out of town and heading back towards home


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              Glad to hear, I hope there ok and don’t loose al the nerve to keep travelling. That would put the wind right up ya, I know my wife was a bit taken aback as we are planning a few weeks away shortly.


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                Yeah, hope so also. They've stopped in another town for a few days he said via text so hopefully they're feeling better about things.

                Haven't called him since the morning it happened, trying to give them a bit of space. Might give him a call tomorrow


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                  Wow, glad they recovered the vehicle and got out of there. Must have shaken them up for sure.
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