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  • Pajero Roll Over

    Well guys I'd thought I supply you with some detail on a recent mishap of mine.

    Late November I went away with a group of guys up near Talbingo Reservoir up behind Tumbarumba NSW. There was 5 vehicles in total and it was a drive in on Saturday and out Sunday swag camping over nighter thing.

    Nice little spot but we got rained on over night but hey you get that.

    Anyhow we left our camping spot about 9:30 am on the one way in same way out track and I was second last.
    There was a step incline on the track and although we made it up the last older 4x4 didn't have the power to get out.

    So we were asked to back down to provide a snatch/tow up.

    In the Pajero was myself and a mate.
    We both had the thought as we got back in the Paj as to getting one of us to maybe guide us down but neither of us voiced this thought. There were a couple of young guys with us who were going to video tape the snatch and we also thought that they'd yell out if something was going wrong, but nor did we say anything to them.

    Now you'll very quickly see what went wrong and how quickly and easily it happened.
    Basically I backed and went out of the wheel ruts, then slide back, the back left hand side wheel ended up in the right handside rut and this wheel then acted as a wedge and then gravity took over.

    As we went on the side I looked down and checked that my mate had his head, arms, etc inside which he did. I then said we're going over mate.
    We then rolled on the roof, then the weight of the front end took us over the bank.
    We then collected one tree and took that one out. This then pushed us over towards the second tree as we started to go for another roll. This second tree stopped us thankfully as after that there just really wasn't to many large trees and simply put we won't be here.

    I stuck my hand out and touched the tree and checked it was stable, checked my mate was ok grabbed the mobile and sat phone and said lets get the out of here.

    Other then a bit of whip lash and shock we both came out of it pretty well.

    We got a lot of gear out with out putting anyone in danger.

    A couple of impressive things, the motor was still running, the Waeco fridge not only survived but was also still running when we opened the back door. Front and back windows remained in tact.

    Took the insurance company's salvage crew 19 hours to get it out.

    Now go easy with your opinions guys as I'm sure you'll appreciate that I've beaten myself up pretty much over the incident.

    Car's can be replaced but people can't and to effectively walk away with very little injury we can just be thankfull hey!

    So I supply this detail and the video to the world as just to show everyone how easy things happen and take it easy out there.

    So here's the bit I know you're all wanting to see, the video: - or
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    Oh my god! Glad to hear you walked away. You said it - cars can be repaired/replaced but lives can be lost. I've been in some extremely hairy situations but I sure hope that never happens. Don't be too hard on yourself - crossing ruts in reverse is an extermely easy thing to do and 99 times out of 100 you will get away with it (albeit often hung up). Many thanks for sharing this.

    PS - it makes me feel sick watching it - I can image the feelings you have!
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      A little photo of how we ended up: -


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        Ouch! Nicenew car too. Glad you are all ok.

        It all happens so fast.

        I have done a very similar thing in a similar situation, but luckily mine stopped on its side instead of going right over and down the hill.


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          ESP doesn't work with roll overs... but come on.. few wrinkles in the panels... the motor was still going.... should have been able drive it back out of there !! What's wrong with ya ?

          Jokes aside you were lucky.. that first tree was what really stopped the roll and changed the situation. Definately be a lap of the gods experience.
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            Originally posted by wiseone View Post
            Now go easy with your opinions guys as I'm sure you'll appreciate that I've beaten myself up pretty much over the incident.

            I must have missed reading that bit.

            I meant no harm.
            'No Princess' - NJ LWB - Modded 2.8TD


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              Wow..So easy to do..

              Good vid tho!
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                Any accident you can walk away from is a good one. DONT beat yourself up - i've done similar and second guessing and questioning dont help. Glad your now in a troll - just dont say its a white one
                "Never Underestimate a childs ability to get into trouble "


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                  oh wow! it hurts watching that! Thank god no-one was injured. Though this type of thing happens.... it's the risk we all take when we go 4x4'ing

                  how well did the insurance company handle your claim? as my friend rolled his patrol and he had to tow it 2km back on the road so he could say he wasn't four wheel driving when it rolled...??? apparently his insurance company doesn't cover him for four wheel driving

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                    Geez - that's an impressive video. Thanks for posting - would never have thought a simple reverse could result in such an outcome. I'm taking a lesson away from watching it.


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                      Yep scary stuff watching it. Video does not give you an idea of how steep it was but to tip like that it must have been a good climb. Good to see everyone ok.
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                        You boys scared me


                        Take it from someone who was there, I was glad to see the PAJ stop where it did and see the boys walk away with no major injury. It is a trip I will never forget - "for more then one reason "

                        I will post some pic that show how steep it was,

                        Wishing all a safe and merry Christmas

                        The Little JEEP That Could


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                          Good on you for posting that. You're only human & it can happen to anyone. Like you said the Vehicle can be replaced, so as long as everyone walked away unhurt then that's all that matters eh. Video and pictures do'nt often show just how steep and scary some of those hills are, and from what you can see the vehicle stood up to it well after the impacts.

                          On a lighter note......Has the shopping for a new Pajero begun yet..?




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                            Just curious - did that vehicle have a cargo barrier fitted?


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                     Pajero...ummm yes but no.

                              I've had great problems in getting a new Pajero with similar features to what I had.
                              Another big hurdle I also had was the fact that the VRX and Exceed's are 18" wheels and I had enough problems getting good tyres on the 17" Paj.
                              The dealer wasn't interested in doing any deals to accomodate any 17" wheel swaps.

                              The biggest problem is at the moment there just isn't any stock in Australia of 4x4's, Pajero's are March, Prado's 5 months, Patrols 4 months, and so on.

                              But, and I'm sorry to say to the Pajero group but I pickup my new GU Ti Patrol on Saturday. Last Silver 5 speed in Australia.
                              Cheers to all and thanks for your kind words and thoughts.



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