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Why don't we wave and acknowledge other Pajero owners on the road?

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  • Why don't we wave and acknowledge other Pajero owners on the road?

    Why don't we wave and acknowledge other Pajero owners on the road?

    I am feeling a bit sheepish as I missed an opportunity today. I came out of my reverie and saw a modded Paj driving past me (in the opposite direction) just as he was waving/ acknowledging me, and I was too late to respond.
    Now don't get me wrong, I am not aiming to wave like a *PAJERO* (insert Spanish translation here) at all and sundry, but an acknowledgement of like minded souls who make the educated decision to drive a Paj.

    You can tell which vehicles are the ones that are set up for a particular task, touring, 4WDing and camping etc, and these are the ones I look at with interest to see what they have on board, and the ones I would acknowledge.
    Not the Chelsea tractors for school drop off's and shopping runs.
    I am not saying that I wouldn't acknowledge them either, oh heck, digging a hole here. No offence to meant to non modded Paj owners, it is a very capable vehicle.

    When I ride with my mate in his Defender, there seems to be an unspoken courtesy to wave, nod, acknowledge other Defender owners, which is pretty cool.

    So if it was a forum member that I didn't respond to in Stones Corner, Brissie today, I apologise.
    But it would be nice to have our own Paj like club to greet others on the road.
    In fact, I am going to start waving at all of you on the roads.
    So if you see a middle aged bald man, smiling like an idiot and waving like a *PAJERO* at you, it'll be me.
    Just wave back.
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    Maybe its we all have our windows tinted so dark we cant see each other
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      When I visited Norfolk Island a few years back, everybody acknowledged each other when they passed. It was just a little raised finger (not middle haha) off the steering wheel and even me as a tourist got in the habit of doing it.

      I think it is a great idea
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        Too many soccer-mums?

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          Just go ouback and wave to everyone.



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            Far enough question.....As a former motorbike rider (now a responsible father, as my wife puts it) it is common practice to acknowledge ALL other bike riders, no matter whether it be a scooter or a bikie on a Harley......


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              Originally posted by Honky View Post
              Just go ouback and wave to everyone.

              It's rude not to.

              Another note I got waved at out of the blue by another PJ driver (not even in QLD). I had to stop and give her a once over to make sure nothing was hanging off!
              No to waving.
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                Having come from a Defender, the friendly waves will be missed!
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                  Originally posted by treads View Post
                  Having come from a Defender, the friendly waves will be missed!
                  Waves of reassurance mate.
                  .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
                  NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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                    Got a couple of beeps from other Paj owners on our trip down here to Ballarat.

                    Of course the vanners all wave when they pass, no matter what car they drive.

                    Lots of new Pajs on the road and towing caravans.

                    Nice to have the beeps - a little Paj club on the highway!

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                      Since most of us don't have the sun stripon the wndscreen, how about a nice forum sticker for the area?
                      Would not only show you bush but also shows others they have to get here, register and buy sticker for their car too
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                        Originally posted by coconut-rough View Post
                        When I ride with my mate in his Defender, there seems to be an unspoken courtesy to wave, nod, acknowledge other Defender owners, which is pretty cool.
                        Defenders never sold in huge numbers, and to see two running at the same time deserves a wave

                        Problem with waving in Paj is there are too many of them.
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                          When I had the Range Rovers it was common to wave at all other Rangies. It was like an unwritten law. Even when we got the Challenger I still waved out of habit, just got blank stares back.
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                            On the trip to the cape this year, it was common to wave, raise the finger off the steering wheel (not the middle one) to acknowledge all other drivers. This was very prominent from the start of the PDR up to the top and back. The locals up there were not so friendly tho! I found myself still waving till I got back towards Cairns then everyone just ignores everyone else on the road.

                            I do like the idea of acknowledging other Paj drivers and normally do this a general rule.
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                              Recently was on the way to Hyden WA (Wave Rock) and was passing through a town that had signage stating that the town was a "wave" town and to wave at all other motorists, pedestrians, dogs, cats, birds, roadkill etc (think it might have been Lake Grace).

                              Well if I didn't try to get in the spirit by raising most of one of my hands off the steering wheel for all vehicles passed even the 2WD variety... nothin' at all. Not even from the council workers.

                              In contrast to this, for our trip north to Ningaloo, quite the number of acknowledgement responses from other fourbys if they hadn't waved first. Except if my wife was driving, which she claims to not notice until too late, you would feel shunned by her cold stare down the long highway.

                              It got to the point that you wouldn't get a wave unless worthy, ie stacked with a heap of shit on the roof.
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