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  • Take your rubbish with you

    Went for a drive on the weekend, I was very dissappointed with the 4x4 world, stopped at several places during the day and found rubbish (smashed bottles, cans, all sort of plastics, chairs, table and even a large quantity of bait left in plastic bags) left behind by persons unknown.
    If you can take all your crap into your fav spot why can't you take it out?????
    I eventually filled all my rubbish bags with other peoples rubbish about 6 large bags.
    I am asking all Pajero forum members please do our bit keep it clean, shires will eventually close these special spots down if it is not keep clean.
    I am no Greeny but some people really need sorting out when it comes to this sort of thing.
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    Yep it shits me and the missus to tears! If you can carry it, then you can carry it out! Unbelievable what some of these pricks leave behind!
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      The funny thing is that I find most of the rubbish piles in areas where you need to drive for at least an hour through bad tracks....
      To my personal favourites I count:
      5 washing machines in the Kinglake hinterlands,
      several trailer loads of rubbish I found next to a creek in the Wombat State forest (was reported and removed later on),
      and of course all the bottles and plastic idiot leave at their (il)legal camp sites.

      We all want to enjoy our trips and the nature we can see, makes you wonder what reason those idiots have to dump their rubbish into mother nature....
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        I recently took our kids camping at Double Island Point. I was astonished by the amount of rubbish every where in the camping areas along Teewah Beach. Thousands of cigarette butts, glass, plastic bags, bottles. It was disgraceful. It is only a matter of time until these areas will be closed off to everyone. The best thing to come out of it was my kids were upset to see the areas left in such a state. They spent a lot of time cleaning up rubbish. Hopefully all of us doing the right thing can pass on our good habits and spread the word.
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          My other pet hate are the Nombies that hack into trees in camp grounds and surrounds whether National Park or other. Half the time it's not even for fire wood, just satisfying their Daniel Boone complex.

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            It's sad that these people will also label themselves as enthusiasts. It's people like that who are the exact reason the Greens want to shut our national parks. It's disgusting. You take it in, you take it out. Simple.


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              Agree with all of the above comments and I would like to add one more to the list and that is human waste and toilet paper. Dig a proper size hole (30cm min ), do the deed, burn the paper (if it is safe to do so) and then fill the hole in.
              At least 50 metres from water courses and campsites.
              If we do not look after the areas we visit then access will be restricted, by permit only and eventually denied.

              We always try and leave a campsite in a cleaner condition than we arrived.

              Also add to the list, campfires not in approved or appropriate locations and not fully extinguished when leaving camp.

              cheers, old Jack.
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                Originally posted by old Jack View Post
                burn the paper (if it is safe to do so)
                ^ Particularly this ^

                Apart from the filthy numpties of our species deliberately dumping their rubbish, even decent folk get caught with the above. Animals have a habit of digging this up . When they do, they don't eat the paper. The amount of used paper blowing around the Kimberleys when I was there was nigh on disgusting. And its a blot on a lot of other campsites to boot. Easily remedied.
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                  unfortunetly there will allways be grubs in our life, these grubs are not just at camping areas but also at rented homes. things are not how they used to be with neatness etc etc and the younger generation are the main ones at fault.
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                    I can live with showing up at a campsite and having obvious signs of previous campers (I.e random things left in the fire pit) but sometimes there's random rubbish just scattered around like bottles and cans, wrappers and good old doughy pads where hoons have taken advantage of the loose/wet ground. Shits me to tears when it looks like a bomb site, also unsettles the nerves.
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                      yes Im amazed at what people leave behind, no care no respect for anything.

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                        And its these so called "enthusiasts" that leave all their behind that are the very first ones to bleat when their favourite dump... err i mean camp sites and 4WD tracks are closed by the NP.
                        Cheers, Bundy.

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                          Camping and fishing is something a lot of people enjoy.
                          Even more could do so if you would not have those lazy idiots everywhere.
                          Was fishing off the rocks the other week and there was rubbish and left overs everywhere between the rocks.
                          Later on there came on older man with two rods and a big backpack walking up and down twice until I asked him if he lost something.
                          He said he just wanted a spot that is not covered in rubbish or sticky bait and left.
                          Finally he decided to go bit further an fish off a small pier instead.
                          Guess what? During the next hour I could see him dumping his bait bags, aluminium foil and paper down into the water.
                          Was too far take a good pic but I used the phone number povided near the pier to call the local council.
                          Only thing they told me that they are aware and do a clean each Monday but unless they see the dumping happening they won't act as there is no way of prooving it.

                          Similar thing with a huge rubbish pile I found near Blackwood.
                          A quick look showed several envelopes and paperwork with the same name on it, so I took a few of them and several pictures with geotag and went home.
                          About a week later I had to visit a friend near Dylesford so I took the stuff to stop in Ballan to report the dump to the council.
                          No real interest there to act
                          First they said they can't use a Geotiff image and I had to explain to them it is just a normal picture that also contains the GPS coordinates.
                          Of course now they argued that they can't put my UBS stick with pictures into their PC to view as it could infect their precious network.
                          Was kindly asked to print them out and come back.
                          So I decided to just give them the location on a map together with the envelopes I found so the illegal dumper can fined after removing the rubbish.
                          Again they made excuses (or to be precise the nice lady on the front desk did) as there is no proof the envelopes are from that dump or that the person named on them is responsible for it.
                          I mean clearly there are lots of people out there dumping rubbish for other people or why wouldn't it be the name and address of the person that dumped it (or at least someone knowing him)?
                          Finally I was "insured" that the correct department will be informed and someone will check it out.
                          About 2 months later I came past the area again and the rubbish was still there only now scattered over about 40 square meteres....

                          I don't mind if someone does a number two in a hurry a bit of toilet paper flies off, same if you leave things that can compose and put them in a nice hole that you made and cover it up.
                          But anything that you won't accept in your own bed should be cleaned up before you leave!
                          You want to find a nice clean camping or fishing spot so why do you dump you rubbish after enjoying it so nice and clean?
                          If I find fresh dumps these days I use the littering hotline number that you see so often along the freeways.
                          Simply state the correct location if possible the name on some documents and they WILL follow it up.
                          Sometimes hard to explain the exact area of the dump but worth the effort.
                          '94 2.8TD, 2" lift, low mount winch, bullbar, roofrack, UHF, custom drawers, HID spotties, cam, GPS....
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                            And another thing....

                            Why on earth to people think that it is ok to leave your empties in the fire place/pit at camp sites, take them with you..

                            Just removed three bags of rubbish from the Crawford river area, mixture of bottles/cans and general household rubbish.

                            Dropped them in the bin at the truck stop on the way home, seriously took 5 minutes of my time.

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                              We were down at Kanangra Walls last week, its a busy place and when we walked out to the walls just casually noted a group of red P plate 4x4 in the carpark. As we walked in a boisterous bunch of lads past us heading to the carpark.. we thought nothing of it.
                              When we returned to our cars we noted the 4x4s gone and about 10 huge bags of rubish up against the fence in their place..

                              I've never understood it, but somehow they seem to think its ok for someone else to clean it up.. Its little wonder NPWS are bollarding so many places these days!
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