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Looking for a DECENT fly repellant

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  • Looking for a DECENT fly repellant

    As the title suggests, I'm after a product that actually keeps flies away. I've tried Bushmans and Aerogard but they only seem to work on mozzies.

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    I presume you're talking about repellant for outdoor/camping?

    Tea tree oil works really well. I mix up some of that neutralice lice/egg killer that we use on the kids hair with a bit of water and works really well out on the farm but has ethanol in it as well so not the best to go rubbing on your skin, I just spray it over my shirt and hat before putting them on and keeps majority of the flies away for half the day and that's saying something considering the flies out on the farm are relentless and aerogaurd ATTRACTS THEM!!!
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      Everything that has a stron smell (a good one) like Menthol, Eycalyptus and as mentionened head lice stuff help to keep the flies away.
      When going bush I usually don't bother with it as I have a hat including flyscreen.
      They still try to get in your eyes but only cover the net and not my face.
      Not too fuzzed about arms and legs but hate it when they attck your face - and they always are most annyoing when you simply can't have any distractions.
      Biggest problem is always trying to get some food done when out and about, if the flies are really bad I keep all in the car and eat there as so far I have not found anything apart from a smoky fire that keeps them off your food.
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        Try the red bushmans not the standard green one. Or just get a fly net thats what we use up here at work, Does the trick as they are only really annoying on your face.


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          Desert Dwellers Rosemary and Cedarwood Cream works for me. also good for midgies!
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