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Do Gen 3 Pajero doors fit Gen 4 Pajero?

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  • Do Gen 3 Pajero doors fit Gen 4 Pajero?

    Hi everyone. Apologies if this question has already been answered but I'm trying to find out if Gen 3 NM/NP bare door shells will fit a Gen 4 NW Pajero. I realise the plastics on the outside of the doors are different but are the actual bare door shells the same? Thanks in advance for any replies and ideas. Cheers, Cam

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    Not sure which doors you mean?

    Rear passenger doors have a different external Skin shape (gen 3 & 4 have a different rear wheel arch profile than extended across the rear passenger doors).

    Tailgate door is also different but I’ve always wondered if they would physically fit.

    Believe the front doors will fit but I haven’t physically done it myself.
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      Thanks Geopaj.

      I should have mentioned it is the passenger side front and rear doors I was referring to. So the rear passenger door won't fit even if it is stripped of its external plastics and the external plastics from my current NW are fitted to it? That's a shame....I thought I was onto a good option!

      Cheers for the reply.



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