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Bullbar, airbags and body lift???

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  • Bullbar, airbags and body lift???


    I've got a Challenger and want to add a 2" body lift. So far no problem until I look at the bullbar. It needs to be raised to match the body lift but new fitting points would be needed then. Problem is that no 4wd shop is willing to do the job because of the airbag. Apparently doing some modifications to the bullbar mounts would stuff up the airbag sensors somehow and is illegal.
    Is it really the case? I mean an alloy bar is most likely to crush on impact and trigger the airbag sensor no matter how it is mounted. Or maybe I am missing something.
    Any help welcome.

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    I think the bullbar will be the least of your worries. I would have thought that the 2" body lift will be more of a problem with your insurance company.


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      Can't understand why you want a body lift anyway. I just did three days in the High Country doing a variety of tracks and did not bottom out once. Unless your into rock hopping you really need a body lift.
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        A 2" bodylift will allow to fit 33" tyres later on and will help prevent bottoming out in some of the deeply rutted tracks we have around here. The long range tank has already suffered one or two encounters with rocks.


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          Depending on what state you are in makes a difference for body lifts. In Victoria it is illegal to do a body lift on a car with airbags. Not sure about the other states but probably similar. The problem is, as you have said that they have to modify the bullbar mounts and this is where the crushcans are located.
          But I do like body lifts, they allow you to fit larger tyres without stuffing up suspension angles etc.

          You might be better off doing a 2" spring lift and then cutting the guards a bit and installing aftermarket flares.


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