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Colour Coded GLX Grill

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  • Colour Coded GLX Grill

    The Black GLX grill made the NP look really dated from a distance so really wanted to paint it like the Exceed's

    Originally was gonna spend $45 at the local panel beaters to get a spray can mixed up of "Cool Silver", then i though bugger that, supercheap sell a whole range of PowerPlus touch up cans, surely one of their silvers will be close.

    Did the grill, and it looks 100% better in full sunlight at least, cause damn that factory silver is hard to match!! The @*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#ing thing literally turns straight blue in the shade or curves

    2005 NP GLX Pajero 3.8L 5sp auto 198,000km

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    Looks good mate. I like it.
    .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
    NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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      Looks 100% better, chrome exceed one would suit the silver to.
      Old, NP Exceed 3.5 petrol, ARB Bull bar, Warn winch, Bush Skinz Bash plates ,2inch lift, Safari Snorkel. ***Now Sold***
      New, RG Colorado Dual Cab Tray


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        the alloy bullbar helps disguise the bad colour match as well
        2005 NP GLX Pajero 3.8L 5sp auto 198,000km


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          yes it does look much nicer painted silver . hey you can buy the automtive spray cans to suit your pajero color. available at supercheap and autobarn plus others. my 2000 nm is [ satellite silver ]
          NS 3.2 Diesel, Polor White , Black CSA Rims, HanKook Dynapro AT Tyres, 3 inch custom stainless steel exhaust with free flow Cat & Muffler, 50mm Lift, Old Man Emu Shocks and Springs, TJM Bullbar powder coated White, Custom 7mm Sump Guard & Transmission Guard, 8 inch LED Spotties plus 20 inch LED Light Bar, rear Reverse LED Light, ARB Roof Cage , Tiger11 Awning.


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            supercheap sell "powerplus" and they dont make 'cool silver' unfortunately

            i only just realized the other day that the gls/exceed doesnt have the fins in the grille painted body colour, only the middle part

            took a second look, and am much happier with the fins painted as well, still has a factory look imo (to the untrained eye)
            2005 NP GLX Pajero 3.8L 5sp auto 198,000km


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              Looks good, Autobarn will mix a spray can while you wait for 35 just incase you didn't know


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