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NT Trip wire to open rear door

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  • NT Trip wire to open rear door

    Having recently fitted a cargo barrier to my NT with a keyless rear door I have also pondered the issue of opening the rear door should the remote control not work.

    After stripping the plastic trim on the rear door, accessing the plastic seal on the bodywork, removed the spare wheel cover bolts and bracket this allowed access to the rear door lock.

    To activate the door lock the light switch on the left hand side of the door needs to be held in. A file and a socket worked well!!!

    Activating the lock with the remote control and feeling the action with my fingers revealed that the actuator pushes a rod which locked and unlocked the door. THe rod has a small hole at the top. This would be for the external door lock. UP is locked and down is unlocked.

    A thin piece of black wire, around a metre, was tied through the small hole three times and threaded through the drain hole at the bottom of the door. This was then run up the inside of the rear door, a loop tied in the end and taped a few times finishing at tail light height and out of sight.

    To activate a small piece of wire is threaded through loop, the wire pulled down and lightly tugged to unlock the rear door.

    Works for me.

    Ensure you dont use too much tape and test a few times before replacing trim.

    Retrofitting an external door lock should not be that difficult.
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