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Seat re-trimming

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  • Seat re-trimming

    My exceed has a small rip in the leather on the side next to the electric seat controls and one the main seams on the seat has come un-stitched.

    Can anyone recommend a trimmer in Melbournes Northern Suburbs?
    2018 NX GLS - Stock

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    Ascot Auto Trimmers in airport west, new a guy that worked there once and they used to to all the hot rod stuff for us, they should be able to match up the panels you need done.
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      That little tear near the seat control is a bit common I think.
      Just an awkward spot and fold in the trim seems to give out after a few yrs.
      I had exactly that on my NP.
      Fixed it myself.
      Open up the tear a little more with a very sharp blade.
      Pass a small piece of scrap vinyl through the hole and spread it out flat.
      Use a cotton bud to apply contact adhesive to the outside face of the scrap, and the inside face of the damaged seat area. Give them a bit of time to go off then pull the scrap out to meet the inner face of the seat trim.
      It's a bit fiddly, and you will probably need a bit of metho to clean excess adhesive, but it worked fine and is still in place after 2yrs.
      Let it all dry for a coupla days then touch up with a black marker pen if needed.

      Added bonus, the extra thickness should help prevent it happening again.
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