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Sloshing Water Passenger Side Base of Windscreen

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  • Sloshing Water Passenger Side Base of Windscreen

    Have an NX. Driving home in heavy rain a few months ago on a road trip, it was probably 5mins after the heavy rain started that I heard water sloshing with the sound coming from the bottom left corner of the windscreen. Not a typical water sloshing sound, more an unusual gurgling noise but I think it was water related. Eventually stopped probably soon after the rain stopped.

    Hadn't heard anything since. Then only 2 days ago on a camping trip the Paj was sitting out in the rain overnight. Next morning I drove it and heard the exact same gurgling, bubbling sound. Recorded it on my phone, will try to upload shortly.

    A/C is working perfectly, no drips whatsoever in the passenger footwell.

    Likely culprit would be blocked rain drains at the base of the windscreen perhaps? The windscreen is not original.

    Anybody else experienced this?

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    I searched 'gurgling' on this site and there were quite a few references to air in the cooling system (heater core) being the cause of the sound (particularly after coolant change or a faulty radiator cap/reservoir connections).
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      Hi mate

      I’d still be inclined to think it is the drain from the air conditioner, and would first get the drain cleared. All you need to do is either have a bit of compressed air fired up the drain, or maybe use a long thin cable tie.

      Even though there is no water, for the moment, coming down onto the passenger footwell, it doesn’t mean the drain is not blocked, or partially blocked. I’ve had the water in mine sloshing around in the collection tray for a while before it overflowed.

      The gas in the air conditioner will make some strange sounds at times – even after the engine has been turned off. If the noise isn’t the water in the drain, it could be just the gas gurgling in the evaporator under the dash.


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        Remove the panel below the windscreen, the one where your wipers are and with a piece of wire, poke out the crap that has built up in the corners and the drain there... They fill up with water (your sloshing sound) and then over time, the water slowly drains away.... I had something simular and that was my cure... hope that helps...

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