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Protection from and cleaning of mud/sand

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  • Protection from and cleaning of mud/sand

    Surely due to my lack of previous experience with mud/sand driving, there are three questions I wanted to discuss.

    1. After driving in deep mud I was surprised to find the engine all covered in mud even from the top. Is it ok/unavoidable, or can anything be done?

    2. There's a lot of plastic parts around bumpers and wheel wells that are supposed to protect from mud I guess but in reality sand gets stuck everywhere between them and is very difficult to clean it out of there. Is it worth removing some of this plastic - maybe it will get dirtier without it but will also be easier to clean?

    3. What's your usual washing procedure after mud/sand driving, what to pay attention to?
    2008 Pajero NS V6. Factory rear diff lock. OME suspension. Ironman underbody protection. Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform. ASFIR hidden winch mount, Ridge Ryder 12000lbs winch.

    2006 LR Discovery 3 TDV6.

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