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Portable electric winches

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  • Portable electric winches

    So I have a Pajero Sport and its payload isn't enormous. Plus I like to keep fuel expenses down (good for environment/I'm a tightarse). I want to do some serious high country, but it seems a winch is practically the ticket for admission. Of course winch = bullbar = suspension upgrade = lots of moolah. That's not the end of the world but also, this all means lots and lots of weight.

    But overseas, this winch = bullbar formula doesn't seem to necessarily apply. In some cases you can buy a winch mount that doesn't need a bull bar. No way! Given the way things operate here you'd never think that would even be an option. Perhaps that's because the 4x4 shops won't make as much money? Even the Challenger seems to have a bullbarless winch mount available. Crazy!

    Then there are portable winches. The Warn winch tray lets you attach any winch to your towbar. And assuming you somehow get someone to make you a hitch for the front of your vehicle, you can use it there too!. Being able to winching from both the front and back. I just simply can't conceive how that could possibly be useful.

    Finally there are winches that simply seem to be electric alternatives to hand winches. The superwinch winch2go is about the only one I can find of this type, which isn't the most powerful, but as powerful as a hand winch. The last year of working from home and lockdowns has made me weak and flabby, so the simple idea of using a hand winch could trigger a cardiac arrest (that said using one does sound like a good way to not be weak and flabby....)

    Finally, why couldn't you just fab up a tray for a bog standard winch so you could attach to your recovery points when needed? It would add so much more flexibility (winch from any angle), the winch won't spend it's life rotting in a bullbar until you need it (when it will refuse to work due to lack of maintenance, leaving you to die in the wilderness), and you don't need to take a winch to school pickup (where baring some very specific situations, it probably isn't needed).

    Has anyone really taken the path less travelled and tried winching without a bullbar?

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    Fitting a winch without a winch bar is common practice in Europe where bullbars are not allowed.
    The front chassis on the 2016 Pajero Sport may be the same as the pre 2016 Pajero Sport/Challenger/Triton so it would be a matter of getting in contact with a supplier in Europe to see if they have a mount to fit 2016 onwards Pajero Sport and L200(Triton).

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      before you get excited touch base with ARB here and see if a bull bar from 20?? can be fitted to your car.

      I bought a second hand Gen4 NS-NT bar but ARB won't fit it to a NX as they say there has been two bar upgrades since the NS, one for NW and then the NX. They can't say what they were but won't fit it due to litigation fears and presumably airbag regulations. There was something mentioned they have to make the bar stronger because the manufacturers makes the chassis weaker. But honestly when Mitsubishi change a bit of plastic mounding and paint a rear view mirror or door handle to create next years model, I can't see them making the monocoque chassis thinner to create a new model. Might be wrong.
      For ARB it could be as simple as new indicator mould insert to create a different model/look of bar so numbers don't match year to year, don't know. The sales of NW Pajero bars compared to the cost of crash testing compliance doesn't seem to stack up in my head. Then to do it all again for the NX? A Hilux or Land Cruiser I get but not a Pajero. Especially when ARB or TJM sell bugger all for a Pajero. A Sport might be better

      Either way just have ponder on legal things if you have airbags. I could not care less for them, but I don't want them going off over something small writing off the car.

      Also on winches,
      I bought a 20 year old Warn XD9000 for $500. Before doing so I checked parts availability and watched this vid on how to repair a winch
      Anyone with a sense of adventure can easily repair one. Mine had nothing wrong with it, but I'd put money down most non working winches need only a clean. FYI my bare bone XD9000 winch weighed 21.1kg with no rope. Of course synthetic rope is far far lighter than the steel cable and worth nothing.

      I thought given I will probably use it very little, and I've lost interest in cheap stuff from China, a second hand one made in the USA was a nice alternative.
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        I like the question - portable winch - seems an ideal solution to me for all the reaons stated.
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          Take a look at post 6 in this thread Probably don't need a 16,500 lb winch for a PS, but the principal should be transferable. The fiddle block referenced in the first post also looks interesting.


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            Originally posted by jaffles View Post
            before you get excited touch base with ARB here and see if a bull bar from 20?? can be fitted to your car.
            There are heaps of options for the Pajero Sport (even the exceed now), but bull bars for the Pajero Sport are either heavy or ugly. Or both. The car doesn't have the most amazing payload and I'd like not to emit more carbon than required. I mean the ECB alloy bar in the right colour.... maybe. But I like the Piak bar and it's a behemoth.

            Originally posted by Wazza999 View Post
            Take a look at post 6 in this thread Probably don't need a 16,500 lb winch for a PS, but the principal should be transferable. The fiddle block referenced in the first post also looks interesting.
            The idea of using winch blocks is a good one and was part of my thinking. But the winch2go is pretty weak. I mean I'm not sure why a 9,000 lb winch couldn't be set up in a similar way. Stick it in a plastic toolbox to keep the mud out, bolt it to a steel plate, and buy some long jumper cables so you can place it wherever you want around the car... I know the Pajero Sport doesn't have rated front recovery points, but OJ has examined what's there and seemed to think they'd be okay for towing as long as you use both. So no reason you couldn't attach a winch to those. Plus I have a tow bar for the rear.

            I mean is permanently mounting the winch at the front just for convenience? I mean no one mounts a hand winch permanently. I suppose I'm trying to find why my idea is actually has a downside. Even if I change my mind, if I just put a 9,000 lb winch in a box, it could always be mounted in a bar later (remember I'm a tight arse. Don't want to buy twice if I can avoid it).


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