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Diesel/Gas Conversion

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  • Diesel/Gas Conversion

    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any info or knowledge of this conversion being successfuly done or otherwise to the new TD engines. Are contemplating going for it, but would like some first hand info as whether the claims of increased power etc. are indeed factual.
    Regards from Col.
    NS TD Exceed, Long Range Fuel Tank (115 lts), 50mm lift, HD King Springs Bilstein Shockers, ARB Deluxe Bullbar colour coded with Winch, HD Towbar, ROH RTX 17" Rims, Cooper S/T Maxx 265/70/17, Dual Batteries, Safari Snorkle and Diff breathers, Tyre Dog monitoring system, Magellan XL Explorist GPS, GME Personal Locating Beacon with GPS, Uniden UHF, Prodigy Break Controller, Reversing Camera, Updated Security Alarm System. Scangauge + Chipit Chip etc and no DPF!.

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    I know of two first hand cases of gas being put on a diesel, neither of which were happy. I know its not a pajero but one was a 3ltr patrol, the other was the thread you have prolly already read...

    Trade it in on a petrol - between extra servicing costs, extra purchase costs and now wat your about to spend on gas... you could travel around aus a couple of times and still be ahead.


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