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Winch mounting

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  • Winch mounting

    Has anyone mounted a winch in an ARB deluxe bar?

    If so, is it ok to mount a winch straight to the bar on it's side (clutch on the reverse instead of the top)?

    The winches I've fitted to date have had brackets that mount flat, but the new ARB bar has holes to mount the warn winch straight to the front of the bar (with the winch on it's side). I haven't taken the winch out of the box, but I'm guessing it's either ok or you need to take off the motor and gear box and rotate them 90 degrees to the top?

    Also, does anyone know if spacers are required for a 9500lb winch on this bar? (if mounted directly as per above).

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    Yes...the winch is fitted directly onto the ARB winch bar. As you mentioned, you may have to rotate the clutch. Just remove the bolts with an allen key, rotate into position and re-fasten bolts. Do a trial fit to make sure the clutch lever is properly positioned.

    It's probably obvious, but fit the power cables on the motor before you fit the winch onto the bar.


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      The only reason I can see that you might need to rotate the clutch is so that you have easy access to the clutch lever. But has it has been said, it is easy to rotate.

      So does the new bar have the choice to mount to the top or the front or just the top? I wonder why the give the choice?


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        Thanks for the info. I decided to take it apart last night and used the opportunity to strip the factory grease from the gears and use some high press/temp lithium inox grease. Wasn't too diffidult but I recon it would help if they improved the destructions/details!
        The winch mounts with the base bolted to the inside of the front of the bar, so it's essentially on it's side with the chrome bars facing the rear instead of being on-top. You could make up a "L" shaped mounting bracket out of 6-8mm steel plate to mount it upright, but it would just be something else to make and go wrong...
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