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    Originally posted by Chris. View Post
    In looking for a pair of decent seat covers for my NX, either canvas, denim or neoprene, I came across the Black Duck range. I want black colour & neoprene seems to only come in grey colours so I'm now looking at either canvas or denim. Has anyone had Black Duck fitted to their Pajero?
    I have the Black Duck canvas on my NM. TBH after using them for a while, I am not as 'wet' as I thought I would be, I.E. swimming and the sort, when I jump in so I feel the benefits don't add up to the cons in my book. Next time, if there is one, I will go neoprene for that extra comfort and I am lead to believe they are somewhat water proof? I'm not sure.

    Enough about that, back to the Ducks. Don't put them in direct sunlight as they soak in the sun and hold it something chronic. In the summer, many times have I or my partner burnt the back of our thighs simply by sitting on them. In winter it may prove useful but in the summer it is almost as bad as branding yourself with the seat belt buckle.
    They also stay stiff for a very long time.. I have had them for about a year and half and they feel like I am sitting on construction paper, less than cardboard more than paper. If there is a fold, I will feel it. Very stiff, somewhat comfortable if you look and try/ get used to them.
    And the application, they do cover the side switches on my vehicle. I had to fiddle around to get the lever that reclines to poke out and still be usable on both sides. The headrests were a large struggle to get on, very, very tight.

    All in all, I would have gone another way. I should have done more research, but I think I was just too excited about buying things for my Paj.
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    Cheers, Nic

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      i went with Supertrim neoprene for the front seats. Price was good - $250 or there abouts. Ive had them for about 12-18 months now and they are holding up really well. Fitting was tight but they dont have straps to hold them on so it needs to be a tight fit.
      I believe they make the OEM covers for various manufacturers including Mitsi and come in black and different stitching colours.
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        I've got the Wetseat neoprene custom fit ( front and rear for my NW. They are a great fit, with straps to hold them as well. I went black with white stitching, which looks pretty good - the panels match the seats under them. They do hold the heat a bit in summer. Cost was a bit higher than others though - $565 for front and rear delivered including arm rest cover when they were at the 4x4 show in October. Took a couple of weeks to get to me.
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          I have GOTYA seat covers canvas seem pretty good to me.
          Made in WA I think
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            I looked at BlackDuck Canvas covers. Nice covers but I did not like the stiffness of the canvas, personal preference of course.
            I went wetseat for the front of the NP. Fit well, only issue I had was they did not cater for side air bags. They did not know late NP exceeds had them. I sent them back and they modded them for free. I also had my 4x4 club logo stitched in for about an extra $70. As mentioned they do black and a wide colour range of stitching. Found them good to deal with.
            On my old NL I have canvas covers from supercheap, seem ok for the money.



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              We use these on all our work vehicles - about twenty fertiliser spreaders (so in and out of truck a million times a day opening and closing gates, covered in mud or dust), about 20 road trucks (only in and out of truck 100 times a day), and all our workshop vehicles etc.

              I have them in my work car and plan on getting some for my own car as well. I find them very comfy even if they do look like they are built for work not play.
              However I have no idea what they are worth.

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                I have MSA canvas seat covers and have nothing but good things to say about them.


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                  I have black neoprene made by wet seat, though mine aren't custom fitted so don't fit as nicely as above. Mine have torn at the stitching where I slide in and out of the car, they lasted about 2-3 years of showing gradual wear before it fully tore. Something to be aware of is neoprene doesn't allow any airflow, I find after a day driving my back is soaked from sweating regardless of if it's summer or winter, aircon on or off.

                  Another piss off is it the generic one size fits all model I have held in place with velcro round the seat, terrible design in that the have the hook facing outwards and the excess is right where the seatbelt is so now my drivers seatbelt is fraying from rubbing on the velcro.

                  The black also fades over time, I spoke to GOTYA Covered at the last 4wd show and they basically turned me off going black nexzt time. I am thinking of going denim and grey for comfort and durability.
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                    I just purchased a set of the supertrim neoprene fitted seat covers for the NP. Fitting is simple and they look the piece while still allowing access to the seat adjustment switches (Exceed). The other advantage is no more sliding on the leather trim. Time will tell how they stack up to my abuse and I was able to buy direct from the supertrim in Dandenong. If you are around the area or not too far away, drop in to them as I picked up the front seats for $199. Mine are the open back type and airbag compatible. I have the option of the arm rest cover for $25... another saving from the online prices.
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