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Winch for NP alloy bull bar

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  • Winch for NP alloy bull bar


    I have an NP Pajero Mitsubishi alloy bullbar. Is there any engineering (plate, bracket, etc.) that can be fitted to my chassis/bar that would allow me to attach an electric winch to my bar. I mean a traditional fitting behind the bar, not an attachment to the front of the bar which would decrease the approach angle. I know that some alloy bars can take a winch, but what about the NP Pajero bar?

    Thanks and best wishes,

    SPUD (John)

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    Mostly, the alloys that can take a winch have been engineered to do so, i.e. TJM's. No chance with the MMA bullbar, I have already looked down that path. Also, the TJM alloys have to have their own mounting plates that fit specifically with their own brand of bars.

    Finally, even if you get a mounting plate etc, cutting away the material on your MMA bar for the fair lead with drastically reduce the structural integrity of the bar. I really wouldn't do it. I found a steel ARB winch bar for $600 second hand, so that coupled with a winch was only $1600, which is a little less than a TJM bar by it's self.

    Hope this helps.

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