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Fridge size-how much is really needed?

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      In our van that we are selling at the moment there is a 150L 3 way that we use mainly for food, they are pretty ordinary for efficient layout, two teenage boys keep trying to empty it. That's why we also have 2 Waeco CFX45, one mainly for beer the other for softies and water. We do like to eat well and wash it down when camping Shorter trips we only take the one 45L.
      The new camper on order has the Evakool dual zone 95l and should work out well.
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        It's like anything, I can wash my own cloths in a bucket with a total of just 12L of water by hand & get them better than any washing machine could, but my hands will be stuffed after. To keep my hands good I need average 30L. I typically require a single engel 38L just for my self, half of it is for drinks as I tend to go through water in stainless bottles & it takes a long time for large bottles to cool down so a sizeable cache is needed, and the other half is fruit, veg, snacks etc, alot of other stuff that doesn't need to be cooled. Why spend alot of intense work sifting through stuff when you can just carry a larger fridge? imo storage that is crammed to the brim is dead storage, try unpacking a hiking backpack every time it gets really annoying. For two people it's up to 3x 38L. If you consume healthy quality stuff the space requirements are very large. Stuff seaweed rice crackers & cryovac food!
        The size of fridges are quite small, for example my 38L can really only hold about 12-17L of fluids in bottles. If you like me & like your drinks that kills space fast.

        Id say 40L is minimum, 60L Max. The power consumption is usually related to the duty cyycle the compressor is on & off. For example my fridges chew up a considerable amount more from a temp keeping the milk just cold vs chilled. Sorry but just cold doesn't cut it, like buying a can of coke from a stingy shop were they turn the fridge dial down.
        Fridges draw a huge amount on freezer which is one reason I try to avoid anything that needs to be frozen.

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          Cheers. I don't drink anything near the amount of anyone else in this forum it appears! Only liquid I keep cold when away is milk. Rest of the use is only for meat and veggies

          When you say keeping milk cold vs chilled, can you explain that better? I'm thinning you mean keeping it at say 5deg is cold, keeping it at 2deg is chilled and uses less power. Is that correct?


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            The more you have in a fridge/freezer the more efficient they run. That includes a household fridge/freezer.


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              Fill it up with frozen water bottles, criovac ready to go meals & freeze those as well, turn it up flat out before you leave of 240 vlts & whilst travelling drawing off the car, you'll be few days down the track, used stuff all power & everything is nice & cold.
              That's why i like my Evakool, i can make it one compartment, two compartment fridge/ freezer use in many different ways as days gone on.
              Fill gaps with frozen bottles, fill freezer frozen criovac meat & meals & bottles all sorts of ways
              Most efficent

              Camper trailer, I monitor temps with Kings thermometer, bottom of frdige can be -5 no problems whilst travelling & foods not frozen at far end, digital readout in console of my car, perfect.

              It doesn't need to be near that when i pull up 0 is cold, depending on power & weather can go higher temps.
              I'm taking the temps at the bottom of fridge end with this, it will use batteries every year & will work in your home freezer at -25 as mine was in there lost for months
              Other fridges will be different to mine, Evakool has a removeable divider & element at one end
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