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Straddie on Fathers day

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  • Straddie on Fathers day

    Bit of luck, some management, and the covid gods have let me get away for fathers day at the beach.

    Easy to take as usual. And as usual a bit of this and bit of that. We got it in our heads some fried rice would go nice with dinner, so off we went 2.5 hrs before high tide. Not the smartest practice.

    no pics but came accross the police and NP's dealing with 3 AWD cars full a different persuasion of take away food.
    That was some way from the exit but we left it to them. We discovered Nth Straddie does do Fried Rice, so an ice block was settled on and better get home before hight tide in under 2 hours.

    Come back and the 3 AWDs had been scull dragged to exit by then. We show up, the place is a chop of soft sand and cars parked everywhere. One AWD out, another with the tide lapping at its wheels, and the other ready to be scull dragged.

    We discover all this once we are well committed and in the deep ourselves. So we cross out of our sand channel, do almost a u turn and drive across perhaps 3 to 4 sets of other entry- exit channel tracks. All at snail pace with few jeeps and land cruisers waiting fir access, 2 AWD's, 3 rangers LC's and the police's LC with a cast of many all watching on.

    we came, we saw, we gave a display, we cruised off.

    Very happy with the ol girl, and have gained much confidence with it. After seeing some LandCruiser 4x4 Park vids lately I'm feeling pretty chuffed with it capability.

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    Not a bad start to the day

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      On the way to get Fried Rice the young fella likes to pick up plastic bottles, worth 10c you know. Interesting 8 out of 9 were from elsewhere.

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        and just what makes is pleasant to be there, besides the family of course. Not big on post them however.

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          Lucky bugger, enjoy.
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