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HPD front mount Intercooler for NS,NT,NW install

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  • HPD front mount Intercooler for NS,NT,NW install

    Hi All,

    I purchased a HPD front mount intercooler and it arrived yesterday. Keen to get it installed asap but saw you have to remove front lights, and to remove lights you have to remove Bull Bar . So a bigger job than i thought.

    What i wanted to know is if anyone installed this themselves, and did you manage to do it without removing bar + lights. Im thinking maybe with some clamp i can dent the radiator support panel enough to paint and slip the hose trough.

    If the only way to install is to remove, what did you use to Dent the support panel? Hammer?

    Thanks all, will post pictures and a short guide of install once i tackle the job, just wanted to check if anyone can share their knowledge so long to make it easier for my install.

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    Attached is photos of the instructions im not 100% sure on
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      Gives you quite a good perspective as to the size difference between the factory and upgraded version hey! Would be worth taking a photo of the original and HPD side by side. Good luck with it all, quite a job you have on your hands. Just need to take it steady. Enjoy!
      2009 NT Pajero. SWB X ARB Sahara bar. Xray HID converted Spot lights. Mickey Thompson STZ 265/60 R18. NP 16" rims under house, still no rubber! Rhino sports racks and Rhino aluminium basket and bag.


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        Install finished a while back, sorry i didnt update to let everyone know how it went. It took my a whole saturday and i did have to cut and bend a few things to get it in, but it does look well, i can take a comparison for sure but its pretty much double the stock size. Ive now towed 3000KM with it and been testing for a month and i can say it makes a big difference. Towing i never saw intake temps going over 60 celcius and this was going up a hill, most of time it was sitting at 40 celsius with an ambient of 30. Its even lower when not towing, I noticed that i can hold gears longer now i used to have to down gear while towing to second and i pretty much just stay in 4th the whole time now and pretent there is no hills, very happy


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