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Spare seat storage

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  • Spare seat storage

    I've been a bit lazy and have not searched the forum on this issue.

    I have removed various parts from the Paj such as the third row seat and head rests and placed them in "storage".
    Can anyone recommend a storage method that will minimise dust and more importantly mildew contamination, Say in plastic bags, old pillow cases and sheets etc?
    Location in a dark or light room, ventilated or sealed.

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    i've got mine in a plastic mattress bag (the one that a new mattress is delivered in)... got it from the local bed shop for nicks...

    it's a more heavy duty plastic and is easily big enough to hold the spare seats... i've just taped up the end.

    it lives in the shed on a shelf. no problems with dust getting in. i check it occasionally for mildew and dust, but haven't really come across anything bad.
    Paceman's NT Pajero


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      I would keep it in the dark. If it has a leather seat cover, I would apply some sort of protectant.


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