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Pajero Carplay drama

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  • Pajero Carplay drama

    I'm having some really shitty issues with my new 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero it has the 12 speaker Rockford Fosgate sound system which despite being marketed as of a premium sound quality isn't. But I digress. Feel free to hate for my music taste but EDM is my passion and listening to this is what keep me sane, I listen to it all day every day whilst driving lots of klicks. Whilst using Apple Car to play music every freaking time an in coming audio is activated such as message or an auto voice direction from navigation I get an almighty boom/spike through my crappy 10 inch sub at the start and end of the input. It really sucks balls. The dealership are not being helpful. No surprise there. Any useful suggestions on what might be going on?

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    I have no fixes sorry, but if it was me as below would be what i would do.

    Start a paper trail possibly by email, if no joy, then send the paper trail to Mistubishi customer service & advise of your problem along with your dissatisfaction with the retail outlet & lack of service.
    Ask them what they suggest you do about the problem & your feelings about there dealer with proof as to why.
    Mitsubishi Pajero NX MY16 GLS with Sand Grabba floor mats, Ultragauge, Automate & Paddle gear shifters with Vlads traction control mod, Nautia switch panel, ARB compressor, Redarc Tow Pro, Anderson plug, Bushskinz front & rear alloy plates, Kaon light duty cargo barrier & rear door table


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      I was having similar problems with my NX and the system, ended up ripping it all out and replacing it all with new amps, subs 12”, new splits front and back and complete dynamat lined the whole insides and out of the doors, boot, etc. Massive build and time consuming, but so worth it for my music.


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