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Pajero sport 2003 - rodent problem / cabling

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  • Pajero sport 2003 - rodent problem / cabling

    Hi guys

    As mentioned in the topic title, I have a problem with some rodents (type of ferret) that (maybe) chewed trough some wires again. A couple of years ago, the same thing happened, but then the workshop installed some electronic deterrent.

    But now, a couple of years later, this device stopped working due to a bad connection in the inline fuse. This was a quick fix, but since I have no idea how long this was broken, I think the same wire problems have appeared again.

    Symptoms: the 4x4 light and now also the ABS light on the dash, flicker from time to time when driving. Also, when I engage 4x4, the light on the dash doesn't come on. Before I bring it back to the workshop to again pay a "huge" amount of money, I wanted to come here to ask you guys if some of you have a clue what wiring loom this is, and where I have to look under the hood / car (4x4 & ABS)

    That way I could check these locations myself, maybe it's an easy fix with some soldering. I downloaded a workshop manual for this make&model, but I can't seem to find the correct wire bundle..

    Any help is much appreciated (pictures even more )

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    I think you are going to find it difficult to get any reasonable response to your question....there are too many options for damage that could lead to your symptoms.

    Rodent damage is very difficult to completely fix - the only way I would get any confidence would be to completely expose the vehicle wiring and examine in minute detail.
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      I have no experience or insight to the rodent issue but I had the light problem and it turned out to be one of the limit switches in the drive train when engaging 4wd. If not the rodents, could well be this.


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