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Charging a lithium battery

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    Originally posted by Mundy55 View Post
    I had assumed most lithium batteries destined for in vehicle use would come with a BMS which allowed the now usual smart alternators to charge the battery. Given that smart alternators provide varying voltage from 13V to 14V typically, I can't for the moment understand why a smart dcdc charger on any of the settings, power, gel or agm, wouldn't charge the lithium battery.
    From the Enerdrive site...

    Can I charge my lithium battery with a lead acid charger?
    If you want to use a lead acid charger on a lithium battery you can, HOWEVER, you must NOT use a lead-acid charger if it has an automatic “equalisation mode”, which cannot be permanently turned off. A lead-acid charger that can be set to charge no higher than 14.6v can be used for regular charging and then MUST be disconnected after the battery is fully charged. DO NOT leave the lead-acid charger connected to maintain or store the battery, because most will NOT maintain the proper voltage charge algorithm for lithium batteries and damage will occur to the battery and this is not covered under battery warranty.
    This is a question we get asked every day by the general public. It is important to know that lithium batteries are not like lead acid and not all battery chargers are the same. Keep reading for a deeper explanation along with our range of lithium compatible chargers

    Dcdc is only a charger, just a more efficient one than an alternator..

    Dont forget...different battery types require different charging requirements. It is also best to check with a battery manufacturer what the best charging regime suits its brand of battery. Lithium vary quite a bit in individual makers specs and characteristics.
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