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In-cab winch wiring

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  • In-cab winch wiring

    So i thought i'd finally get around to wiring up some in-cab winch controls. Turns out to be very easy once you know which terminals are what.

    Wiring diagram for Warn 5 pin controllers:

    Inside the control box:

    Switches inside the car, dual pole missile switch engages the power and grounds the solenoids. Momentry dual throw switch controls the in and out of the winch.

    So basically you need 5 wires from the control box, power (1 wire) to the kill switch which then goes to the in/out switch (2 more wires) and ground from the negative terminal to the kill switch then back to the gound of the solenoids (2 wires).
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    Nice work there Steele Ive been meaning to do that to my patrol.



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      Good work. My Milemarker winch has the on off switch on the controller box so I just had to put the momentary switch in the cab. I love having in cab winch convenient. Looks good.
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