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Duel Battery On Mk Triton

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  • Duel Battery On Mk Triton

    Hi all
    First of i would like to say thank you for the reply's on second battery thread that i started.
    So i thought I would show you some pic's of the install that i have just finished.

    This is how it looked before.

    This is how it look's now.

    I spent some time on it to make sure all the wiring was neat and correct, added a fuse box so i didn't have all those inline fuse's everywhere. I'm pretty happy the way it has turnned out and i have gotten some real pleasure out of it by doing it myself.


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    Well done Tim, not that hard at all really. Not much clearance between the battery and the bonnet as you have the same battery I put in mine when I first installed my setup. The bad news is the battery only lasted two years . Looks good anyway mate. What controller did you use?
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      Hi Dave
      I used the 150 amp projecta battery controller, I will let you know how it goes. The battery i used was the ED5 Exide Endurance Deep Cycle it cost me $170.00,I hope it last more then two year's, and the battery tray is a piranha 12 inch tray.


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