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Power Antenna replacement

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  • Power Antenna replacement

    Where can I get a reasonably proced replacement antenna for my 2001 Exceed?

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    A genuine mast should set you back 80 dollars or close to it, a complete aerial motor assy should set you back too much to even worry about!

    You could try aftermarket, so ring places like Repco, Autobarn, SuperCheap, etc.


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      hi depending on where you are i could get you a new replacement antenna
      do you need just the mast what happened to it if it stoped going up or down
      you need just the mast all you do is unscrew the locking cap turn on radio
      and pull the mast out white cable as well with it
      then insert new one if you got 2 people makes it easy one inserts the new mast and the other turns of the radio and the mast should go in then put the locking cap back on
      then turn it on and of just to make sure it has gone all the way in
      can get it at trade price for you
      cheers liam
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        Hi Liam,

        I've also got a problem with my power antenna on my 2000 NM Exceed - it sticks going up or down, you can hear the motor whirring for about a minute and then it stops. It never retracts, but if you give the antenna a "tap" with your hand, it will start to retract.

        Is it likely I just need a new mast, or does the whole unit need replacing?



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          If the aerial isn't going up or down, most of time the plastic cord in the mast has broken, which means you will need to open the aerial motor and remove the offending broken pieces.
          Then to fit a new mast, follow instructions as posted earlier, by unscrewing the silver base nut, and fitting new mast by operating radio on/off.

          p.s: Liam, you an apprentice?


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            I replace the arial mast on my NM pajero over the weekend (thanks to posts on this forum). I bought and after market mast from Auto Barn in Sunshine Victoria for $59, far cheaper than the $125 quoted by MM. They also quoted me $75 to replace, which obviously I saved by doing it myself.
            NM Exceed Silver


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              The main trick with replacement is having something to undo/tighten the nut.
              The mast itself shouldn't cost so much. If anyone wants to pay me $59 I'll happily freight them a new one. Most auto-electricians and servicers of electrical appliances can source a range of OEM-compatible masts.


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                how do you get to the motor?


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                  Remove the plastic inner gaurd under the wheel arch. The aerial is just behind it. It'e held in by 2 nuts and the mast base nut.

                  Easy peasy ;-))
                  Cheers, John.
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                    Following the instructions in this thread I replaced the power antenna (not the motor) on my NJ. $39 at Strathfield. No big deal.
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