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suggestion on where to install aerial (no bullbar)

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  • suggestion on where to install aerial (no bullbar)

    Hi, I am planning to get a car-mounted UHF radio (not just handheld as we have now) and would appreciate for advice maybe pictures on where to install the aerial (the car, Pajero NP model, has no bullbar). I usually see pictures of people mounting them on the left side of the bonnet around half a meter from the bottom edge of the windscreen.

    I am thinking of it bolted to the inner side in the engine area. The picture attached shows 2 bolts. Are they suitable? Any other place recommended? would I need some drilling? How about the brackets, should I get the local garage to cut and fold the sheet metal for me, or could I buy that somewhere?

    Thanks and best regards,
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    You can purchase suitable brackets from auto elect/4wd places
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      problem is with the ariel on the left you get crap reception/ transmission.
      UHF is line of site and at that position it is low and obstructed by the cab for anything that is behind you, so someone following or a trucker etc passing the other way is quickly gone from communication range. Notice truckies have them mostly on the right mirror bracket so they get clear communication up and down the side of the vehicle
      I was going to say gutter mount it but I then read your model.
      Either go for a throuigh the glass ariel that will need to be tuned by a professional and put it on the rear compartment right side window, or make up a bracket that adapts to you roof rack rails and keep it on the right up high to get optimal use of your radio, otherwise you'll be fading out and losing that friendly chat all the time. I have a "6db" gain and this is quite a good allrounder, the good one are the stainless whip ones that have the sort of spring winding half way up, they stay pretty upright in draught and the top knocks over pretty well for those trees etc.


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        I get great reception with my left mount aerial.


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          Used to have one mounted on my Statesman's guard in a similar position. Worked fine.

          You can get a bracket form Dick Smith, Jaycar etc that uses the bolt that holds the guard on; not the one you've marked, the one closer to the radio antenae.
          Cheers, John.
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            Where I work all mobile machines/vehicles are all bonnet or similar obscured mounts. If you read the brochures you'd be convinced they don't work and there'd be haul vehicles using the wrong declines and running into each other, but in real life they work just fine - go figure.
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              Mine's on the RHS using the guard bolt closer to the windscreen. 6dB GI. Works fine. The antenna is about 10cm higher than the roofracks so is very useful as a height guide going into carparks - if the antenna clears then so will the racks.



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                Had a uhf aerial on a fisheries boat once and the tip was at eye level just waiting to poke someones eye out.
                So we turned it upside down so the aerial pointed to the flooring in the boat.
                All the radio techs laught at us but it was the best radio reception we ever had. no body could figure out why.
                What im saying is stick it on the guard where you want it and try. You may be pleasently surprised.


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                  Too high and it will hit all sorts of things, trees, garage door, carpark roofs, you get the idea.
                  AdrianLR got it right.
                  Cheers, John
                  Auto Electrician 35+ years
                  NM but with tricky electrical setups of course.
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                    Thanks guys, not only the replies informative some are also quite entertaining.

                    Have fun,


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