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NH-NL Front speakers.

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  • NH-NL Front speakers.

    There were a few queries on this subject from the previous forum so I thought I'd get in first.

    The Gen2 Pajeros had a fairly poor quality 4" speaker mounted behind the dash and when you upgrade your headunit to a newer CD/Tuner, these factory speakers sound even worse. You can replace them with better quality 4's but you still won't get a lot of bass response. The answer is to place new speakers in the front doors.

    This is how I did mine.

    First I removed the door trims from the door. Then I removed the map pockets from the door trims and using the impression of the map pocket in the vinyl, I cut as big a hole as possible in the door trim behind the recessed section of the map pocket (GLS models have carpet here). When cutting, allow 5-10mm to remain for the map pocket to still seat on the door trim when put back together. You'll find a factory hole in the steel door frame that matches this spot.

    I Replaced the door trim back on the door without the pocket, then cut MDF spacers to fit neatly through these holes in the door trim. I used two 16mm pieces but depending on the thickness of material you have, cut as many needed for the speaker to clear the window but still allow the map pocket to go back on. I then screwed these to the door frame.

    Then I cut holes in these MDF spacers to fit the speakers, the outer one to fit the seating lip on the speaker, the inner, big enough to fit the woofer and/or the cage/frame of the speaker. (Basically trim to fit)

    *A tip here, if you mirror everything as you go for the other door, you'll save some time from the "trial and error" process of the first door.

    Next I cut a section out of the map pockets for the sound to pass through. This hole does not need to be too big. I then cut up some old speaker grilles (ask your local autObarn, J.B. Hi-fi, Stratfield, etc.) to fit that hole and glued them on the back of the map pocket to protect the speaker. Mine's a GLX (No carpet on the pocket) so I made a cardboard template of the shape in the recess in the map pocket, cut some trimming carpet and glued this in place with spray contact adhesive. Test it all before putting it all back together.

    You'd never know the speakers were never there in the first place, it looks factory.

    However, I put 'splits' in so you can see the tweeters on top of the dash in each corner of the windscreen. I did this by gluing them down with a dob of body mould adhesive like Sik-a-flex, which allows them to be removed without leaving a screw hole, but in five years they haven't moved!

    The only major pain was getting the cable through from the doors into the pillars, but I have one of those 2' flexible spring loaded claws that I worked through the tubing that houses the central locking wiring.

    The only other drama I had for front speakers was the depth of some speakers. You can fit 6" speakers, but some of the higher power handling speakers have a "huge" magnet. I tried VDO Dayton 6.5" splits first, but the depth of the speaker would not clear the window while still allowing the map pocket to clear the front, so I fitted the next size down, their 5" splits.

    Hope this has helped people.


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