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dual battery install NM

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  • dual battery install NM

    I know this has been done to death on the old forum but I would like to know where the Charcoal canister is re located to when installing the second tray! Many thanks Tim.
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    Hi Tim
    Ours was relocated to a bracket welded to the main battery holder "post" nearest the motor. Be warned though that this seems (to me) to have added some stress to this side and we have now had 3 battery hoders break at the bottom on that side. It is only plastic with a metal rim though so not very strong at the best of times.
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      I relocated my canister to the same point but on the other side of the engine bay. All I had to do is extend some of the hose and all done.
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        Thanks guys got it now! I was maybe having a dumb moment when I asked; sometimes it helps to see the solution by asking what others have done! Thanks again, Tim.


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          It sounds as if this topic has had a bit of water under the bridge.
          But I'm new and missed the other discussions.

          I'm looking to do a self install of a dual battery and would like to know what I'm getting into before hand.

          Can anybody post some pictures of the second battery install with attention to the carbon canister and any other items that must be moved?

          I've got a '04 NP with the 3.8

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