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Thumper Cable Run

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  • Thumper Cable Run

    Have purchased a thumper dual battery system with the required connection boxes, cables & Anderson clips.

    Will likely have it connected up professionally but would like to run the cable from the front to the back myself as it's likely to take a bit of time and i'd like to do it neatly.

    Which route would be best for getting the cable from the front to the back?

    I'm going to locate the thumper under the rear floor where the seats should be when folded away.

    Any pointers will be good before I start removing trim....
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    We also have a thumper as our 2nd battery. We initially planned yo put it in the rear seat well. Yet put in a water tank instead. Was much easier to get to all the sockets with it behind the front seats ( we removed the 2nd row for our big trip and replaced it with storage- battery was mounted in this). Ran the electrics through the major grommet in the firewall ( tight but possible) then along the side of the cabin under the trim. The trim panels are easy to remove once you get the hang of it - would recommend getting a set of trim removal tools- saves the gingers and the trim. Having a wire passer /chaser thing also helped. We have a socket mounted on the plastic trim next to the 2nd row seat ( sits over the rear wheel arch I think ) and a couple in the rear as well. There is a thread here somewhere with assoc diagrams of how to remove the rear compartment trim panels and in what order. I'll post a link if I can find it. Hope this helps
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      I've done it on an NP. I'd assume the NW isn't too different. I ran it through the firewall on the passenger side and continued down that side through to the back. If you lift plastic panels up that cover the door steps there is a channel in there that you can run through. It's the neatest way to get a cable down the back of the vehicle IMO. If you use the channel it will mean those trims will go back on and fit perfectly. That channel will take an 8 gauge cable nicely. You'll need to feed it through from one end and it is a bit of a PITA to get through but it will fit nicely if you use it. You can push a cable in around that plastic trim from above, but the trims won't fit back on as easily in my experience. It will come out by the rear wheel arch and from there you can run it under the plastic trim there. From memory you can just push it under without having to remove the trim. Then bring it out wherever you want it. I brought it out from the hole in the trim where the third row seat used to be.
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