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Driving lights high beam pickup

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  • Driving lights high beam pickup

    Hi guys, have done a search but didn't seam to find anything. I am installing a set of driving lights on my NT and want to know where other people tapped into the high beam wire to switch the relay. I could get it from close to the back of the headlight but thought it might be better to pick it up inside the cabin on the low amperage side of the factory headlight relay.

    Can anyone offer any advice?


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    Narva do a harness that has patch connectors for the headlights, makes it a plug n play deal.


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      Originally posted by smally View Post
      Narva do a harness that has patch connectors for the headlights, makes it a plug n play deal.
      Yes, that's how I did my Narva 225's. I connected the trigger wire to the drivers side high-beam, as it was easier to get at, than passenger side light. Then run the yellow wire, I think it was, back down the side, and across the firewall to the relay on the P/S. The fitting instructions say also, you can run the wire from inside the cabin, from the dipper switch, high-beam output side.
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      Cheers, Tony.

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