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Dash & Parklights inoperative - not a fuse issue

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  • Dash & Parklights inoperative - not a fuse issue


    Hunting an electrical gremlin in my 1999 NL SWB Paj at the moment and having a bit of trouble. Issues are as follows:


    • Dash and parklights will not illuminate, however headights and brake light works fine. I understand that the parklights and dash lights are on the one circuit.

    Action taken so far:

    • Have inspected and changed a few of the most likely fuses so far with no result.
    • However as the lights were working intermittently for a while I don't think it is a fuse but either a switch, relay, earth or loose wire issue.

    I am having trouble locating:

    • Relevant earths
    • Relevant relays

    I have included a couple of photos of the fuse boxes I can find. According to 'Gregories' I should have a relay box where the 2nd battery is? The relays that I have found in the engine bay I have swapped around they don't seem to be the cause.

    Wondering what peoples ideas are of most likely cause of the problem?
    Any help much appreciated!


    I cant work out how to get the code out of the new flikr layout so here are a couple of links:

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