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NS GLX Radio / Phone input question

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  • NS GLX Radio / Phone input question

    On the NS GLX stock radio when you press and hold the sound menu button it gives you options for the phone sound.

    As far as I am aware the NS GLX did not come with Bluetooth or phone features as standard, so does this mean that there is a connector on the back of the unit for "phone audio in"?

    Is the Mitsu Bluetooth circuit separate from the head unit and if so how does it connect up?

    The reason I am asking is that I just bought a new rear view mirror / reverse camera with bluetooth that has an audio out cable so you can stream music or mobile calls to the sound system.

    I could just connect into the AUX input, but then have to switch to Aux to listen to music or phone calls....

    Any ideas?
    One of the last of the 08/09 NS DID GLX off the shelf!
    Cool silver, black factory bullbar (to be replaced) & full tint. 697 LT 265/65/17. NS>NT Upper manifold replacement. MM Towbar, BushSkinz IC & Sump guards, Self made cargo liner. Reverse cam. Bluetooth Aux In.

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