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Unlocking with Remote

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  • Unlocking with Remote

    Hi, This is the first time posting a new thread on the new site.
    I have a 99 NL Pajero GLS. When I unlock/lock the Paj with the remote the interior lights come on. I have seen some Pajeros that the indicators come on when using the remote.
    Is it possible to wire up my Paj so that the indicators come on too, when using the remote?
    If so, any suggestions on how it is done? Or is it a job for a Auto electrician?

    2011 NT Platinum Pajero

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    Hi Pedrod
    We have 2 NL Pajeros in the family. A stock '99 Exceed which behaves the same as yours, and a GLS with a Hyundai remote. The GLS flashes the indicator lights and the doors lock once your turn on the ignition. So It's likely the ones you have seen have some after market gear fitted.

    One of my remotes is stuffed.
    I had a quote from Mitsu dealer $200 for remote, $20 approx to reprogram.
    I also got a quote from an alarm dealer. $200 to $250 to supply and install an after market alarm with two new remotes.
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    1999 3.5 NL Exceed Auto, Adelaide, South Australia


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