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GME tx4400 in NS Exceed

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  • GME tx4400 in NS Exceed

    Hi All, Have just purchased a new GME TX4400 UHF unit. Has anyone fitted a unit to a NS exceed? The spot under the heater controls with card slot etc. Help on how to do this would great.

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    Did you have any luck on installing it? I was looking at mine yesterday (not sure if the exceed is different)...The card slot looks like a din size and if you can figure out how to take the front cover off it seems like the card slot can be removed (and therefore installed when you go to sell it again). I was going to ask the Mitsubishi dealer how to take the front panel off next time I get it serviced.
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      Any particular reason you chose a DIN sized 4400 over the smaller or remote-head GME radios like the 3220, 3400 or 3420?? One of those would be much easier to fit to a modern Paj, but I suppose you pay extra $$ for that compactness

      I've splurged and got a TX3440 with all the controls on the mic - in my Triton there is virtually no-where to easily fit a larger radio, so this was the logical (although pricey) solution for me

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        It's probably a bit late, but here's how we installed our 4400 in our NP.
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