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Blue/White wire from Factory Head Unit

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  • Blue/White wire from Factory Head Unit

    Howdy all,

    I installed a new Pioneer head unit in my NL on the weekend and had one wire left over, it is blue with a white trace on it. It is fused so must be power to something and does not have power on the 'car side' of the fuse at any time, so I assume it was another 'power out' of the factory head unit.

    Im pretty sure It's not the elec antenna throw because on the other side of the plug that is a really thin wire. ( I have already tapped into that to switch the antenna all the way down). Everything seems to be working a treat without using it.

    Any ideas what it might be?

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    two guesses - did the old head unit have illumination of the display, or dim the display when the headlights were on?, or maybe it is to power up a remote amp / stacker.
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      i would guess it is the remote wire, turns on the amp when the head unit is turned on. though i dont remember seeing any with a fuse. i could be wrong


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