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How do I disconnect power to the stupid auto antenna on my NL?

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  • How do I disconnect power to the stupid auto antenna on my NL?


    The auto antenna on my NL is stuffed and doesn't work, which is fine cause I don't listen to the radio anyways. When I turned the vehicle off it made the winding noise for a short while as it tried to wind the antenna down and then stopped.
    But today when I turned the vehicle off the damn thing didn't stop whirring! It just kept going and it is going to flatten my battery ( Well it would cept I disconnected it).
    So does anyone know where I can disconnect the auto antenna from power so it doesn't try to flatten my battery in future? Its giving me the sh!ts.

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    If you look at earlier thread (radio wiring harness diagrams) it shows you what connector pin for power aerial on mitsu harnesses. Then a matter of identifying wire
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      Hi there,

      I had a look at that but the wire colours are all different to my vehicle. I tried disconnecting wire C which is suppose to be antenna but this didn't do anything. I have my headunit unplugged until I can get time to take the antenna out.


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        Ummm, ok.... if the problem hasn't been fixed yet, why don't you just remove the inner splash guard, and unplug the aerial motor assy?
        Considering all you have to do is unplug, just remove a few clips/screws and pull the liner away, to get easy access with ur hand/arm!


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