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Higher Amps alternator?

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  • Higher Amps alternator?

    Hi, could somebody please share their knowledge on the "electricity supply" requirements when we put more "gadgets" in the car?
    For example, when the low beam wattage is changed to 80w instead of 55w each, that'll mean 50watts extra requirement, even at idle RPM.
    My understanding is that by having dual batteries, we'll have more Amp-hour "reservoir" but would we also need bigger alternator? How much extra electricity need we could cover with the standard alternator and single battery setup (standard or slightly bigger battery installed)?

    Any info would be most appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Volts x Amps = Watts.

    Thus 80W @ 12V = 6.7A, 50W = 4.2A

    Your NP petrol has around a 90 Amp alternator. The DID has a 120 Amp I think (exact figures are in the handbook but it's cold outside!). You will be ok for quite a few more accessories yet before you begin to overrun the alternators' capacity. For what it's worth, we only ever ran a single good quality N70 battery in our NM petrol (factory fit is an N50 but an N70 fits int he cradle) and that happily ran a 60L fridge overnight, driving lights, cb's, inverter, car shower, compressor and all the kid's entertainment electronics.

    If you are worried - next time KMart have a 25% off sale pick up an Exide Extreme N70 and drop it in. Reasonably priced cranking battery rated to 75AH semi-deep cycle capacity.
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      Hi PSPROULE,
      Thanks for the comment. I put the N70 battery last year so from your comments, sounds that it wouldn't be a problem for me.
      Best regards


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