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2009 NT Exceed Rear RCA Jack Bad Interference

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  • 2009 NT Exceed Rear RCA Jack Bad Interference

    I've tried many different cords and devices but no matter what I get really bad interference when using the rear RCA jack through the roof mounted DVD player. If I just play music from my phone it has extreme static. If I connect a games console the image is very blury, barely shows any colour and has NO sound.

    The unit plays DVDs perfectly, with perfect sound going to the MCCS so it has to be something from the actual rear RCA jack to where it connects to the roof moutned DVD player. I'm not sure if it's a direct cable all the way or if there is a series of plugs along the way.

    I've taken apart the rear jack and it appear ok, there's nothing obvious. I've also checked out where it plugs into the roof mounted DVD player and it also seems good. The only thing I can see is that there are two extra green wires, one with a brown line, which I have no idea where they come from, as from the RCA jack there are no green wires present.

    Some help, ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated. I've had the Pajero for over a year now and would love to get this working.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Not sure if anyone cares but I kind of fixed it. The sound is stuffed from the rear RCA still, I actually think there is an issue with the roof mounted DVD player after a heap of testing.

    After a loootttsss of researching on the net trying to figure out which wires did what, and mucking around with a multimeter I tracked down where the wires all connected in the harness and ended up adding my own RCA jack to the front (a better position anyway). I even went one step further and added a bluetooth receiver as well so now I can stream musi from my Android phone and play video games on the rear DVD display! Looks like the MMCS is here to stay. For now.


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      I'm interested ... Did you document the plugs / wires ??
      cheers Grant
      Pajero NS 2008 Exceed MY07


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