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Wiring up a cb radio

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  • Wiring up a cb radio

    Hi there. A month ago I bought a 2000 Challenger. It came with a non-working GME CB Radio (as well as a mobile hands-free unit) I removed the console and had a look only to end up very confused at the mess of wires and dodgy connections behind there. I have now had the unit repaired and wish to wire it up myself.
    So, bearing in mind I have little knowledge of electrics (and even less spare cash to pay a professional) I am after advice. I believe all I now need to do is power up the CB, being advised to have an inline 2 amp fuse on the power wire. I have run a (red!) wire from close to the battery back through to behind the console/dashboard. So from here I need to provide the power and then an earth to the CB radio.
    Q1 - can I just crimp a ring-type end firmly on the wire and put that on to the +ve post at the battery? It already has one such connection - used to power the fog lights.
    Q2 - What is the best place to be looking for a solid earth for this unit?

    Anything I may me missing (apart from knowledge )?

    All replies appreciated
    July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
    New to Off-roading on 4 wheels

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    You're on the right track with connection by a ring terminal at the battery.

    A few additional thoughts:

    > Fuse should be at the battery end of your positive lead.
    > Crimp the terminal with a proper tool. An electrician should do it gratis if you don't have a tool.
    > Seal both ends of the terminal ferrule that you've crimped. A smear of silicone sealant would do the job. You're at a battery with the potential for corrosion so do what you can to preserve the connection.
    > Provide some strain relief for the crimped terminal/wire with heatshrink at the connection point.
    > Earth connection can be any convenient point on the body of the vehicle. Solid metal that has the paint removed at the connection point. Inside the vehicle and out of the weather minimises the chances of a degraded connection over time.
    > Provide additional protection for wiring where there's the risk of abrasion. Split corrugated conduit works well.
    > Secure wiring for a neat workmanlike job. Cable ties, tape, conduit are your friends.
    > Don't transmit with your radio until you've connected your antenna. Otherwise you may blow the output stage of your radio.
    2012 PB Challenger LS Manual


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      Thanks KingBrown.
      I will definitely be following each step to ensure I get it right and do a clean job! And thanks a lot for that last tip...… something I would not have considered having no knowledge of CB's etc.

      Thanks again
      July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
      New to Off-roading on 4 wheels


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        Hi all,

        I need your guidance again please.

        I have found that the power lead to the 2 accessory sockets in the centre console is not connected - it goes back under the dash, then to a 20A fuse which has a wire coming out of it but this is just hanging loose and there is no sign of a connector that it would fit into within reach.

        So my question is:
        Can I run the power wire back under the dash into a 3 way connector - 1 in, 2 out.
        On 1 out - run power via a 2 A fuse to the CB radio
        On the 2nd - run power to the accessory socket via the 20 A fuse?

        Or is it better for me to run a second positive wire back off the battery to power just the accessory sockets?

        Cheers and thanks
        July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
        New to Off-roading on 4 wheels


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          Depends on the size of the wire that you have run to the battery, would have to be reasonable size to handle the current of both. But yes, very reasonable

          The other thing is if you want that accessory socket to have power at all times, same with your cb I guess. Going back to battery obviously means it won't turn off with ignition so whatever is plugged in will keep sucking power, add if it sits for a week or so battery may be flat.


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            Thanks Disco Stu - point taken re the "live all the time" aspect

            July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
            New to Off-roading on 4 wheels


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              Forgot to mention, there should be spare circuits under the dash that only get power when ignition is on. Will just take some playing with spare plugs to find one. They seem to have run the same wiring harness for all options meaning there are lots of unused plugs still getting power all over these Mitsubishi


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