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Rear Door Light for camping with NP

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  • Rear Door Light for camping with NP

    I have had an LED light strip mounted across the rear door frame (internal) to illuminate my kitchen when camping . The main problem has been keeping the strip in contact with the plastic lining. It keeps coming down, I suspect, due to the heat factor when parked in the sun etc.
    A mate showed me his new interior light on the lift up tailgate of his LC and I thought "that'll do me", it was a Lightforce ROK9 Compact Utility Light. RRP $54 but currently on special at Autobarn for $36.
    I already had a switch in place, so screwed in the new LED to the top brake light housing and wired it up. very impressive and effective little light. You can see from the pics how small it is and the spread of light will work with the camp kitchen very well I think. No more drooping light strip.
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    Looks very effective


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      Thanks for this.
      I also installed an Led strip light and not sure how it's going to hold come summer months. I fully expect it to droop and then something will snag it and rip it to shit. Stay tuned


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        Rear door Light

        Hi, For those on a budget and may want a bit of versatility they could try my solution to campsite illumination.
        Namely a couple of Aldi solar powered LED lamps. Cost less than $20 ea ($14?). Come with mounting plate that can be adapted to fix in lamp various configurations.
        Have 3 way light motion sensor - Always on, motion detect and off plus daylight override.

        Other than campsite illumination I use one in my bathroom as a night light no need to turn on the bathroom light (fluoro). I also use one in conjunction with a small usb camera + netbook to examine the car underbody, see a post elsewhere on forum.
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