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Alternator Not Charging

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  • Alternator Not Charging

    Just after a bit of info it anyone can help, my alternator is not charging,
    Deciding to have a go myself for the sake of learning I have pulled it apart and found that 1 brush is longer than the other so I am assuming that the shorter 1 is not touching the slip rings therfore the problem of not charging
    Does that make any sense or an I on the wrong track ??
    Any advise would be appreciated
    1989 NG v6 with Mitsi Alternator

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    That makes some sense. But only if there is a limit on how far the spring can push the bush onto the ring.
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      On the alternators I've played with, that can be the case as the brush assembly has a "tail" that is soldered to the regulator and prevents the brush from departing the brush housing due to the spring. If the sliprings are not too badly grooved, a quick cleanup with wet and dry and new brushes you should be good. A quick check of the bearings is also warranted, although if they need replacing (generally a good idea to do at the same time), you'll need to get a hold of a bearing puller/press.


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