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Inclo-Meter Replacement

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  • Inclo-Meter Replacement


    I have been thinking to replace my inclo-meter with a vacuum gauge or some other type.
    Has anyone ever replaced there Inclo-metre with a standard 52mm gauge.

    Questions are, Does the 52mm fit perfectly in if the Inclo-metre is taken out.
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    I think you'll find they're bigger than 52mm. More like a 60mm will go into that spot. I'm looking to do the same as my original one lost all its fluid, replaced it with another bought from a member here, and now that one's got a friggin' air bubble at the top (and growing fast!!!)
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      middle gauges

      i did that to mine !!!!! changed them as i didn't like what was there (originals) i thought were useless ,,anyways i kept the temp gauges and moved it to the center then put a volt meter to the left and a oil pressure to the right which i still haven't connected !!! ( lazy me ) here is the pix of the outcome ....and i still have the perfect condition inclometer gauge if anyone wanted to buy it !!(
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        Only one problem with your setup Robbi........

        By the look of that oil pressure gauge, I would duck for cover if I was you, cause she's gonna blow!!!


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