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Fuel prices.

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    U91 now $1.93.9 at some places in Camberwell, Vic.
    U95 $2.06.9
    U98 $2.14.9

    Seem mostly to be Shell servos with some BP or Caltex nearby at that level.

    Still plentyy in the $1.59 - $1.70 range elsewhere but is this a sign of things to come?


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      Its both a sign of things that have gone and will be in future.
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        Well, I'm on the cusp of putting my prices up due to diesel hitting $1.70, guess I'll be playing my part in inflation. Perhaps it will spur on EV sales at the Coalitions annoyance because people want fuel from the sun rather than forever escalation fuel prices.

        Interesting John Howard after lurking around the party for decades finally found the back door open to become Prim Minister. In due course he would announce Coal was our future, successfully putting to bed Australia's world leading solar and EV technology. Anyone remember the BP solar challenge? A shame Johnny didn't hedge his prediction both ways. But I guess he could see China rising so figured who needs science. Scientist however have been noticing, studying, and talking about climate change and fossil fuels sine the 70s.

        Interesting the words below are from redbruce's link. Little Johnny has hedged his bet on global oil prices saving the Government money and supposedly pass the savings onto the user. Again not hedging his bet maintaining any of the nations overall strength or independence.

        1996. "At the time, Australia produced about 70 per cent of its domestic oil needs, and the maximum allowable retail price for premium petrol in Sydney was 21 cents per litre.

        But Mr Howard said Australian motorists were getting petrol too cheaply.

        He announced a plan that all Australian-produced crude oil would have to start being sold to local refineries at the same price as it cost to import crude oil from overseas.

        It meant consumers would have to start paying prices based on world oil prices; they'd no longer be able to enjoy cheap oil from their own domestic supply."

        We don't make fuel, we don't make bolts, we don't make much at all and we value add little. Rather we sell coal to china like a drug dealer and then proclaim our own carbon footprint on the world is 1.6% And we could not possibly stop selling drugs because what would be the point. I suspect Australia will increasing become on the nose to the world, particularly when we knock off the Great Barrier Reef.

        High fuel prices, miles behind in EVs, not interested in batteries, up there with the worlds worst polluters per head per capital, and have one of the best environmental destruction records on the planet. We have made more things extinct than anyone else, the reef will be just another. If I'm being overly dramatic, who's impressed with setting the Amazon of fire for cows. Brazil is not far behind us.

        Don't know about you but I want live in a modern dynamic country I am proud of that is also prosperous. Not just some cashed up drug dealer who can't see the dead bodies in the ally because it makes him feel uncomfortable.


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