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Fuel prices for past 16 years

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  • Fuel prices for past 16 years

    Being a little anally retentive, I have collected my fuel data for the past 16 years. Mostly Sydney prices till end 2019 and Gold Coast since but does include consolidated trips to across Nullabor, Tanami and Gibb RR. To me its interesting:


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    Interesting how narrow the range is over much of the time period but it needs a context like average wage, CPI, etc at the time to mean anything really. Flagging suburban and regional data would also be good.
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      In 1962 5 to 7 shillings worth of petrol in my 1952 Holden would last me from Friday night till Sunday night running around with mates.

      Petrol was 6 pence a litre.


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        Would be interesting to factor inflation into the graph. Based on your first data point, we should be paying approx. $1.80/l if inflation was the only factor.

        If you are interested the data is at
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          We purchased our first Pajero (LWB Super Wagon in 31 Jan 85, it was a petrol model and we were living in Monash ACT at the time. The first fill of petrol was 40.09 lt at 49,9 c/lt at the BP that then existed in Phillip. Last fill in that vehicle was in Melbourne, Shell South Morang (living in Mill Park) at 116.7c/lt. 71,520lt later, a new 2005 diesel NP.

          Replacement vehicle Aug 2005 NP, first fill, 19 Aug 05, 61.35lt at 125.5 c/lt (at the same Shell in South Morang), Last fill 8/10/18, 71.21lt at 155.7 c/lt at the Caltex in East Bendigo. 37,680lt later a new 2017 NX.Though there was an overlap.

          First fill in the NX, 28 Feb 17, 71.36lt at 129.9 c/lt (Caltex in Heathcote) most recent fill 25/7/22, 78.51lt at 236.9 c/lt, same servo though now Ampol, Though I note it is now down to 226.9 c/lt.

          The NB average over all usage (491331Km) = 14.57 lt/100km
          NP (379115km) = 9.94 lt/100km
          NX so far (132526km) = 10.95 lt/100km

          While I probably could do graphs etc, as it is all in XL, I don't think I would bother.
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            Originally posted by BruceandBobbi View Post
            In 1962 5 to 7 shillings worth of petrol in my 1952 Holden would last me from Friday night till Sunday night running around with mates.

            Petrol was 6 pence a litre.
            Okay got to ask.
            What was your weekly income?
            Was that litres or gallons?
            What did 2 rear tyres cost?
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              History of Australian fuel prices going back to 1926 in Australian cents per litre so you do not have to convert Imperial Gallons to Litres and Pounds To Dollars. See page 8

              When I started work in 1977, petrol was 16 cents a litre and my 1st year apprentice hourly rate was $0.99 an hour, so you could buy 6.2 litres for an hours pay.
              In 2022 a first year apprentice in mechanical trades gets paid about $13 and hour so if petrol is $2 a litre then you get 6.5 litres for an hours pay.

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                Never worried about fuel prices. Heading to the Gulf in 5 weeks for a fishing/camping trip. Fuel is $2.60 there at the moment. Naturally it will go up in 4 weeks by another 20 cents (forecast from media).. Never let it ruin a good trip though.Can remember running my XD Falcon on LPG at 5 cents a litre..
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                  I cannot remember 5 cents per litre, but one time I was visiting my mother in Melbourne, and one the way to the nursing home, fuel was 11.9 cents per litre. All the servos had it at that price. Awesome! I'll fill up on my way back to my accommodation. Two hours later, on the way back, the price was 17.9 cents per litre. That fuel tanker must have been busy, because ALL the servos were the same price on the way back too - 17.9 cents per litre. It used to cost more to feed me on the trips to visit my mother than it cost to feed the Pajero.


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                    Ah yes way back when we had Golden Fleece, Esso & the like and servo's were open according to the government permitted hours in some states along with rationing at times.
                    Back when the price couldn't be changed unless the tanker had dropped a load with a different wholesale price, and before Johnny (Jackboot) Howard said we couldn't keep paying the low fuel prices we were and forced us to pay OPEC pricing plus the double dip of GST (the tax that we would never have) on top of the excise...

                    Not to mention when dieso was normally 10c cheaper then Super and Standard before we went unleaded and dieso was put up because the refineries claimed they had to heavily invest in their systems to cater for the removal of sulphur from the mix...then not that long after they started to shut down Aussie operations after they had cleaned up the government handouts.
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