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  • BP Ultimate Diesel

    Hi Cetane Diesel has been mandated in Eruope for a while and BP has had it's Ultimate Diesel for sale in the UK for a while, but now Perth customers can get into it. Has anybody tried it yet and done comparos?
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    Hi All

    I know its an old thread, but I am a fan of the BP Ultimate petrol. Its the only thing I use in my Yamaha R1 and MX5 (daily driver and track days). Sure, some might say its all in my head, but I find (for those two engines at least) that the engines run smoother, and my ass-dyno reckons there is more power.

    I was reading an article on the carsguide website about a spike in diesel cars being purchased over the next few months, and came across this little snippet:-

    Sales might have been even higher except that many of the modern frugal diesel engines are not suitable in Australia because our diesel fuel's sulphur content, until recently, could be up to an unacceptable 500 parts per million.

    By next year it has to be no more than 10parts per million, which is the standard to which BP Ultimate is produced.

    Oil companies are now starting to supply diesel fuel with the lower sulphur content and claimed improvements in performance and economy. Shell is already selling diesel restricted to less than 10 parts per million of sulphur and other suppliers will have to conform to that standard next year.

    BP Australia is also releasing BP Ultimate diesel after a successful trial of the fuel in Perth.

    The new diesel contains anti-foaming agents to stop frothing and smells when filling up. It also has less sulphur, allowing us to use the latest generation of European diesel engines.

    The BP Ultimate fuel was independently tested, with results showing better economy and fewer pollutants when compared with ordinary BP diesel. It was shown that with ongoing use, Ultimate diesel increased the power output of a passenger car by up to 8.3 per cent (average 2.8 per cent) compared with ordinary diesel.

    Apparently the fuel is now available in Brisbane according to the BP website.

    Anyone tried it? Should I start hounding the local BP to get it here in Adelaide as well?

    Anyone tried the Shell diesel with the lower sulphur levels?

    Unfortunately here in Adelaide we are a bit behind the times...

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      I live in Adelaide too but was recently up in QLD. I ran two tanks of Ultimate Diesel through my NS and am sold. Not a massive improvement but it is certainly there. When BP bring in to SA I will switch my card from caltex to bp.
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        I got into it in late November and after 2 tanks noticed an immediate difference. I then drove down to Tassie in early Dec and went back onto the old stuff. Now that I'm back on the GC and have filled up my second tank with ultimate, the difference is already noticeable. The engine is quieter, the power comes on earlier and the Paj runs so much more smoothly. After a couple more tanks of the stuff it will be like having a brand new vehicle.

        The earlier fills before Xmas had a noticeably positive effect on my fuel economy even while I was travelling down and through Tas. It was only on the way back up to the GC that economy went back to what it was before. If you've got a diesel and can access BP Ultimate then it's a no brainer.


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          I've been using it for a month now and I think it does offer improvements in economy - not sure about power. Also easier to fill to brim as it seems to froth less than others. And finally, it is cheaper as well!!

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            Hi I have had a look at the specs on BP and caltex's website the main difference being the lifting of the cetane rating from min 46 to 50 and reducing suplhur to 10 ppm
            ( which is now law for all diesel fuel from 1/1/09)

            Has anybody used the caltex vortex diesel, which you can buy in sydney?
            If so what were the changes with economy or performance?

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