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fuel consumption 3.5 paj

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  • fuel consumption 3.5 paj

    can any body give me some input on how many clicks you are getting out of your paj around town or towing a 1 ton camper trailer and no wise cracks like by a diesel thanks

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    If you look at the thread "FAQ and fuel comsumption topic" it will help, however it appears the 3.5 is good for around 13-14 l/100 in city or 500K's and with a 1 ton load I would say about 20 l/100 or 400 K's thats rough as many factors effect fuel.
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      thanks muzza very helpful


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        Muzza has it about spot on. 500ks running around town, about 600 on the freeway with a light load and not towing, 400 towing a camper on a gravel road ie Birdsville development rd.
        Cheers, John.
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